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eTOC Preferences for AOM's Online Journals

Electronic Table of Contents (e-TOC) is a free service alerting members via email notification when new issues or "Ahead of Print" articles are published online by the Academy of Management.

Click the image to be sent to the Publications Portal where you can access your e-TOC preferences.

e-Toc Preferences - Click to View

AOM Members

  • If you signed in through the AOM website then you have the ability to read and print journal articles without logging in separately to the Publications Portal.
  • Once signed in, you can navigate to the AOM Publications Portal, where members can setup customized alerts, download citations to their citation manager, and view exclusive content collections of select AOM articles.

Sign Out

Signing out removes your sign in information from the computer. The next time you access content in Academy of Management online journals, you will need to re-enter your USER NAME and Password, even if you selected "Auto Sign In" on the Sign In page.

Clearing your browsers cookies can also help resolve issues if you have trouble signing in.

If you use a computer that others have access to, we strongly recommend that you sign out when you are done using the Academy of Management online journals. If not, then others could access or modify your account and adjust your subscription or preferences.

Sign Out in Publications Portal

Removing Alerts from Old Email Addresses

You can enter old email addresses to clear all alerts and prevent any emails from being sent to old/non-functioning addresses.

Sign In Form to Remove Old Email Addresses

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